Moody Glacier National Park Elopement | Taylor + Dylan

Moody West Glacier Elopement Day | Taylor and Dylan

When Taylor, Dylan, and I first talked in November of 2019 about their elopement day – we had no way of knowing that we’d be facing the craziness of planning around the uncertainty of a global pandemic.

Together, we dealt with the highs, lows, and unpredictability of park opening changes, travel restrictions, last-minute lodging adjustments and so much more. We landed on having their elopement day in the West Glacier area of Glacier National Park. Their positivity throughout was such a breath of fresh air and I was so over the moon that despite all of the uncertainty we faced, they were able to still elope on their originally planned date in June.

I met with Taylor the day before their West Glacier elopement to check out the forecast and discuss the “game plan” for their day and we decided together that, without a doubt in our minds, we would brave the rainy forecast together and have a remarkable elopement day.

When planning your elopement day, it’s always a good idea to go into it with the mindset that no matter if things go according to plan or not, you two saying your vows and getting married is all that really matters at the end of the experience.

The way that the planning process went and the rainy forecast they faced with a smile is truly a testament to the beauty of marriage. There were so many things that can make or break your day, just as there are things like this in life, but if you face them together, there’s nothing that you cannot make it through together.

Check out more information on working with me to craft and plan your Glacier National Park elopement here!

Here’s a story to go with the images of Taylor and Dylan’s elopement day.

West Glacier Elopement Day: Part 1

Getting ready in their cabin near Lake Mcdonald

We started Taylor and Dylan’s elopement day with photos of the two of them getting ready in their adorable cabin at Lake McDonald Lodge in the west side of Glacier National Park. They both seemed so peaceful and at ease about their elopement day ahead of them. Their cabin was nestled not far from the shore of Lake McDonald and a quick walk from the Lake McDonald Lodge. Definitely a prime and beautiful location!

West Glacier Elopement Day: Part 2

First look at apgar village dock

We blindfolded Dylan (he hadn’t seen Taylor yet) and had him sit in the back seat of my car while she rode in the front! From their cabin, we made our way to the shore of Lake McDonald near Apgar Village for them to do a first look and spend time together soaking in the cloudy sunrise we were experiencing that morning. It was such a sweet moment and I truly can’t think of a better way for them to start their day together before saying vows. 

Taylor’s wedding dress and bouquet were absolutely stunning and I thought it was gorgeous how the pinks and oranges contrasted with the blues and greens of the scenery around us throughout the day.

Dylan’s tan jacket and subtly patterned dress shirt underneath also looked so good with the landscape and coordinated perfectly with the bouquet and boutonniere that Taylor picked up from Mum’s Flowers.

I was so happy we didn’t let the cloudy and rainy forecast discourage us on their wedding day. The overcast skies and wet surfaces added so much extra beauty to the photos that I just cannot get over!

West Glacier Elopement Day: Part 3

Vows along shore of lake mcdonald

Next we headed to the shore of Lake McDonald so that the two of them could exchange vows with one another. We found a spot that the two of them had completely to themselves and it was stunning to see the clouds move around the mountains as they vowed to love each other forever as husband and wife.

West Glacier Elopement Day: Part 4

Adventuring along the Going to the Sun Road and the Trail of the Cedars

Although the entirety of the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier wasn’t accessible quite yet, we had so much fun getting photos of the two of them at some of the pull offs as we made our way to the Trail of the Cedars.

The Trail of the Cedars is the perfect trail for exploring on your elopement day on the west side of Glacier National Park without doing too strenuous of a hike. The views are absolutely phenomenal and it totally has the feeling of being in the Pacific Northwest with all of the greenery, moss, and clay-colored trails! During your elopement day adventures, I love taking a documentary approach while you’re exploring and stopping occasionally to do some posed photos in particularly beautiful places.

Anyone else totally getting Twilight / romantic Pacific Northwest vibes from their beautiful moody day?! Especially with the photos in these areas?! I love it!

West Glacier Elopement Day: Part 5

Popping champagne at hungry horse reservoir just minutes from west glacier

The three of us hopped in my car and drove to a new spot just outside of Glacier to pop champagne and say cheers to their absolutely beautiful elopement day. Have I said enough how many times I love how beautiful the colors looked due to the on and off rain and cloud cover we were experiencing that day?!

The series of champagne popping photos are some of my favorite… ever! Why don’t they make bottomless bottles of champagne so that we can do 500 different photos like this during elopements?! Maybe I just need to start bringing more than one bottle…

West Glacier Elopement Day: Part 6

Wrapping up at the cabin

We finished off their west Glacier elopement day by getting photos of the two of them in front of the cabin they stayed at so that they would always be able to remember the place that they stayed during their elopement trip!