Paint Mines Engagement Photos | Veronnica + Eli

Paint Mines Engagement Photos in Colorado Springs

When planning their Paint Mines engagement session – Veronnica and Eli landed on a casual blue jeans and white t-shirt look that would be a beautiful pop of color amidst the cream color of the rock formation without being too bold. I’m an absolute sucker for a casual look for couples sessions and engagement photos alike when photographing throughout Colorado Springs – but I feel like it especially works well with the setting of the Paint Mines!

This is one of my favorite locations for engagement sessions in Colorado Springs (along with Garden of the Gods) because the landscape is just so unique and unlike anything I’ve experienced before. It’s really surreal driving up to it and seeing what appears to be just a big open field and then as you continue on the trail it opens up to a magnificent sight! How magical that a place like Paint Mines is nestled in some big open fields just outside of Colorado Springs?! Such a hidden gem!

From the moment when Veronnica, Eli, and I met in the parking lot at Paint Mines, I could tell they had such a deep admiration and love for one another that would make capturing their engagement photos a breeze. As we made our way around and explored the Paint Mines, we laughed together and listened to some of their favorite music as the sun went down. I always love stepping back and photographing couples during their engagement sessions and showing off their connection through the photos that I take.

Here’s Veronnica’s review of their session with me:

“Jessica is not only absolutely professional but she is so kind. I’ve worked with photographers who weren’t intentional, but Jessica made Eli and I feel important and well taken care of. She cares to know our love story, she took the time to make a playlist for us, and drove all the way to the Paint Mines for our photos. She’s personable, caring and just all around sweet. Her photography speaks volumes for itself! What an amazing person and even better experience!!”