Colorado Springs Elopement at Garden of the Gods

Colorado Springs Elopement at Garden of the Gods

When it comes to locations for couples’ Colorado Springs elopement, Garden of the Gods is absolutely one of my favorites. There is the most beautiful combination of mountain views and towering red rocks to explore that make for a unique variety of settings for your photos. There’s also a lot of great hiking trails and paths throughout the park if you want to add adventure into your elopement or enjoy Garden of the Gods at another time during your trip!

Recommendations for your Colorado Springs Elopement

If you land on Garden of the Gods as the location for your Colorado Springs elopement, I highly recommend enduring the early alarm and having your elopement right before sunrise. Emily and Jack’s Colorado Springs elopement photos at Garden of the Gods are definitely proof that the early wake-up call is well worth it on your elopement day! As you can see in these photos, a sunrise Colorado Springs elopement can mean beautiful alpenglow on Pikes Peak behind you and fewer crowds to navigate around. The last thing anyone wants during their elopement is to have a bunch of on-lookers and if you want to avoid that at a busy park like Garden of the Gods, sunrise is definitely the way to go.

Colorado Springs Elopement Photographer

For more information on having your Colorado Springs Elopement at Garden of the Gods, visit my blog post: How to Elope at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.

As a Colorado Springs Elopement Photographer, I love helping couples not only have their day captured, but to help them plan their day so that they can find the best locations, vendors, and things to do on their trip as a whole! Learn more about my Colorado Springs elopement packages or contact me for more information about us working together to bring your elopement vision to life.

Story of Emily and Jack’s Colorado Springs Elopement Photos

I met Emily and Jack through a friend and when we were at dinner, Emily casually mentioned that she’d wished she had more photos dressed up with Jack and I knew I had to ask her if she’d be down to help me show off what Garden of the Gods at sunrise has to offer! I was so stoked when she said yes. It was a chilly morning but so well worth it to get beautiful photos and to soak up the amazing pink alpenglow on the mountains.

We all decided that morning elopements and photo sessions are well worth it, especially because it means you’ve earned yourself a nice mid-morning nap after grabbing some breakfast! And who doesn’t love that?!