Rainy Colorado Elopement in Breckenridge

Rainy Colorado Elopement in Breckenridge

As corny as it may sound, love is an adventure, and Sara and DJs Colorado elopement story is no exception to that rule! If anything, the experience they had because of their decision to elope in Colorado emphasized that so much beauty in life with your partner comes from standing hand in hand and weathering the storms (and basking in the sunshine) together.

Planning Their Mountain Elopement

Their love story began in college and when they got engaged in the middle of a pandemic, it seemed like the perfect excuse for two people who didn’t want to be the center of attention to elope to Colorado instead of having a traditional wedding day!

When I first got an email from Sara asking for more information about my elopement packages and their plan to travel from Florida to have a Colorado elopement, I connected so much with her sharing that they wanted an elopement experience that was not only special but documented so that they could share their day with loved ones. They also wanted it to be as stress-free as possible, and of course, that’s where this Colorado elopement photographer came in to help make it happen!

They reached out to me about my elopement packages in February and for the next several months, we worked together to bring their vision for their elopement day to life and really craft an experience that allowed for their connection with one another to shine through naturally… and a brewery stop too, of course! They landed on Breckenridge, Colorado as their elopement location and I think it turned out to be the best spot for their day.

Rain in the forecast? Pro tip: embrace it

A couple of days before their elopement day, Sara and I were texting back and forth monitoring the inevitable rain that seemed to be steadily hanging out in the forecast for their elopement day. We were particularly concerned about the evening storms because lightning while being on top of a mountain did not seem like a good time for anyone involved! Due to the amazing flexibility of Sara’s hair and makeup team (Weemala Hair and Makeup), we switched gears to a morning-centric elopement and embraced the rainy forecast!

Rain is often a super big concern for couples planning to elope to Colorado in the summer, or really anywhere outside. As a photographer, I can always provide comfort and reassurance through clear umbrellas, hand warmers, and sharing how much I love moody vibes. But it can also be really helpful to hear it from a couple who experienced rain on their Colorado wedding day. So I asked Sara if she had any advice for couples and here’s what she said, “You can’t change it so don’t let it get you upset. It is truly scary to see storms rolling in and especially because usually you spend so much money on hair and makeup but it rained some on our day and it made for the most amazing pictures, views, and great props! And people say it’s good luck right?”

So, long story short, dance in the rain and trust your photographer and everything will be okay!

Their Breckenridge Elopement Story

From start to finish, Sara and DJ’s day was breathtaking and the rain ended up being just a little detail that we embraced wholeheartedly. Their day began with getting ready photos, a first look, and FaceTiming with loved ones at their cozy Airbnb in the heart of Breckenridge. We then made our way up Loveland Pass where they exchanged their vows literally surrounded by a cloud, it gave off all of the moody vibes and I loved it! After their ceremony, we explored a bit more and the clouds broke and showed off more of the amazing views they were surrounded by. We popped champagne and then finished their elopement day at Breckenridge Brewery!

When thinking back on their day, Sara mentioned how thankful she was that the experience allowed them to be wholly present without a worry in the world. She treasured remembering how much pure bliss took over DJs expressions and what it meant to have no pressures to speed through the motions of their day like they would have had they not chosen to have a Colorado elopement.

Vendors for their Elopement

Elopement photographer: Jessica Puckette Photography

Hair and makeup artist: Weemala Hair and Makeup

Florist: Main Street Flower Market

Advice For Couples Considering Eloping in Colorado

“Do not hesitate, do it. Do what makes you happy and not what others want or think. I would not change it for the world and am always advocating for elopements. Also hire Jessica because she will make the whole process seamless and stressfree!” – Sara

If you’re considering eloping in Breckenridge, anywhere in Colorado, or beyond, I would love to be your photographer! Below are some really great resources that I’ve put together for couples just like you

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