Fall Elopement in Colorado Springs

Fall Elopement in Colorado Springs

Jaclyn and Mark originally had a completely different plan for their elopement day and we had to do a 180 two weeks out, but plan B involved bringing their pup, Albus, with them to Colorado and was magical nonetheless! I was (and am still) completely and utterly obsessed with the design of Jaclyn’s dress and the blue of Mark’s suit complimented the landscapes we were surrounded by so well throughout the day!

Getting Ready for Their Elopement

The morning of their Colorado elopement, I met them at their Airbnb on the outskirts of Old Colorado Springs and documented them getting ready, putting the finishing touches on their vows, and seeing one another for the first time. It was so much fun to make the most of the lighting available that early in the morning and the Airbnb had so many different areas to make capturing them a breeze!

Sunrise Vows and Picnic at Garden of the Gods

Amazingly, one of the best places to elope in Colorado is right in my backyard here in Colorado Springs at Garden of the Gods! Jaclyn and Mark kept exclaiming that they genuinely couldn’t believe that people get to live and recreate in this area!

They started their day exchanging vows as the sun lit up Pikes Peak behind them with Albus by their side. The beautiful red rock formations surrounded them and the weather was remarkably more comfortable than I anticipated we’d get in early fall in the mountains! After their ceremony, we made our way to a nearby picnic site where they popped champagne and enjoyed a breakfast spread (Albus even got to partake too!).

Sunset at Pike National Forest

What I love about elopements in Colorado Springs is that there are so many different locations that you can explore to make the most of your elopement day. In the evening, we regrouped to explore Pike National Forest together. They started with some portraits in their elopement attire with the beautiful blue mountains behind them and surrounded by yellow-leaved aspen trees. Fall showed up for their day and I was so happy by the beauty they got to experience! Be on the lookout in the photos below of the blooper photos including Albus – they gave me quite a laugh while editing.

After a little while, they changed into more casual clothes and ended their evening with Mark playing the guitar and the two of them singing together.