Adventurous Two-Day Oregon Coast Elopement at Ecola Beach

Adventurous Two-Day Oregon Coast Elopement

Cameron and Morgan were originally planning on having an intimate wedding in 2020 but, as I’m sure you can predict, all of the uncertainties they faced made it difficult to plan anything with confidence! When they saw that an elopement on the Oregon Coast was on my bucket list of locations I was dying to go to, they took that as a sign to go back to a place they loved so dearly and get married.

Planning Their Multi-Day Elopement Experience

Something really important to Morgan and Cameron as we planned their elopement day was that their experience was relaxed, stress-free, and allowed them to truly interact with one another as they would normally. Music to my ears! One of the best parts? Their dog Remi would be joining them for their adventure, which I just knew would make their wedding day even more memorable and special!

Exploring the Coast and Kite Flying

The three of us (well four including Remi) spent the first day exploring the Oregon Coast as we went to pick up the next day’s flowers at Corvus Landing Farms in Neskowin, Oregon. They ordered a bouquet, boutonniere, and flower collar for Remi and I cannot speak highly enough for how amazing of a job their florist did!

After we picked those up, we headed back up the coast and stopped at some beautiful beaches, including Hug Point State Recreation Site, before returning to their Airbnb and taking a walk to the beach nearby for sunset fun playing with Remi and their kite. It was such a fun and relaxing day to be a part of and I truly love the carefree photos that we got of the three of them at this beautiful sunset.

Morning Breakfast and Vow Writing

They started the morning of their Oregon Coast elopement slow with a breakfast board, coffee, and writing their vows together on the porch of their Airbnb and listening to music from the record player. It was peaceful and perfect!

Lunch and Milkshakes in Cannon Beach

We enjoyed some delicious seafood at Ecola Seafood Restaurant and Market and afterward as we were walking back to the car, we kept seeing people walking around with milkshakes in their hands and Cameron turned to me and asked, “do we have time to get milkshakes?!”

Spoiler – I never say no to a good milkshake but also I love spontaneity when it comes to couples elopement days! Needless to say, we got milkshakes… correction… we got the best milkshakes we had ever tasted at Cannon Beach Chocolate Cafe (chocolate peanut butter for me).

First Look and Cornhole Playing in Arch Cape

Back at their Airbnb in Arch Cape, they finished getting ready and then had their first look in the beautiful forest behind the house. It was a breathtaking spot and I couldn’t get over these stunning views located in the backyard.

Before we left for the coast, they played a quick round of cornhole to disperse some nerves which might just be my new favorite thing!

Sunset Vows at Ecola State Park

It was misting when we arrived at the parking lot but as we hiked down to the beach, the mist let up and they had the most beautiful moody setting for exchanging their vows. We found three friends who were spending the evening on the beach (we lovingly called them our beach bros) to be their witnesses while I pronounced them husband and wife! They finished up their evening drinking beer, reading letters from loved ones, and soaking in every last bit of light. We all hiked out in the dark with headlamps guiding us and it was a blast!

Planning Your United States Elopement

Although I specialize in elopements in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana, I also love helping couples elope in destinations across the United States like the Oregon Coast and Yosemite National Park. I would love to help you plan your amazing adventure wedding day and your professional third wheel to help capture it all – feel free to reach out for more information on my contact page or check out what the experience is all about.