Intimate Fall Grand Teton Wedding

Intimate Fall Grand Teton Wedding

When Liz and Cody reached out to me about getting married in Grand Teton National Park in the fall, I expected to be photographing their day with some moody weather and maybe even a little rain and snow. Imagine my delight when we had nothing but clear skies, sunshine, and snow-kissed mountains for a breathtaking backdrop for their intimate vow exchange.

Planning Their Grand Teton National Park Wedding Day

Something that was really important to the two of them when planning their wedding in Grand Teton was for it to be an experience that was relaxed and intimate. They stayed in a cozy cabin just over Teton Pass near the quaint town of Driggs, ID – I was obsessed with all of the small town feels of this place and that it was away from the hustle and bustle of Jackson.

As their elopement photographer, I loved helping them navigate getting a Grand Teton wedding permit and finding the perfect officiant – Cindy did an absolutely amazing job and even brought a friend to vouch as one of the two witnesses needed in Wyoming.

Their Elopement Story

First Look at their Cabin in Driggs

I traveled from Colorado prepared with warm clothes and everything and on the day of, we were met with sunshine and some of the warmest fall weather I’ve experienced on a mountain elopement day! When I arrived at their Airbnb in Driggs, I helped Liz get into her dress and got the two of them situated to read the letters they wrote to one another prior to having their first look.

One of my favorite things about first looks is that it’s a perfect release of nerves before your ceremony and the rest of your day. You’re able to finally see one another all dressed up and to just be in the moment and it all starts feeling real that you’re actually about to get married!

Wedding in Grand Teton

As I mentioned before, Cindy from Jackson Hole Wedding Ceremonies did a beautiful job officiating their ceremony and making it something that was truly special and reflective of their love and relationship. Following their elopement ceremony, we ventured around Schwabacher’s Landing and some other beautiful spots within the national park before heading back to their cabin for their first dance and photos under the beautiful full moon.

How to Elope in Grand Teton

If you’re looking for more information on eloping in Grand Teton National Park or are looking for an elopement photographer to help you plan or capture your day, I’d absolutely love to help you out! Take a look at my Grand Teton elopement packages or send me a message via my contact page and I’ll email you any and all details of what it would look like working together!