Winter Engagement Photos in Rocky Mountain National Park

Dhruv and Shivangi’s Rocky Mountain National Park Winter Engagement Photos

When Dhruv reached out asking if I would be up for capturing their engagement session in Rocky Mountain National Park, it was an immediate yes from me. Dhruv is a photographer based in Georgia and the two of us actually met when doing a group mentorship in early 2021 with Robert J Hill! Him and Shivangi were beyond sweet and when I sent him his gallery he excitedly said “is this what our clients feel like?!”

There are so many breathtaking photo locations in Colorado, but Rocky Mountain National Park engagement sessions are by far some of my favorites – and maybe that’s just because I’m an absolute sucker for national parks but also… the views are just epic!

Although I visited last winter with my friends when they planned a trip to Colorado, I hadn’t gotten the chance to photograph a couple there during the winter and let me tell ya… it was just as magical as I thought it would be!

How to Prepare for your Winter Adventure Engagement Session in Rocky Mountain National Park

Bring Ice Cleats and Trekking Poles

If you’re looking to do any sort of hiking during your engagement photos in the winter, I highly recommend wearing proper hiking boots but also grabbing a pair of ice cleats to go over your boots for an extra layer of protection from slipping and falling! Those prone to being a little more clumsy (hello, that’s me) might also find it valuable also to bring along a pair of trekking poles – although they may feel silly if you’ve never used them before, I absolutely swear by using them now!

Layers, Layers, Layers (and hand warmers)

Take notes from Shivangi here! For their Rocky Mountain engagement photos, she brought a more practical Patagonia pullover and boots for hiking in and then did an outfit change once they arrived at Dream Lake into a gorgeous, fashionable jacket and some boots that went perfectly with her dress!

A thermos of Hot Coffee

Even if you don’t get a chance during your photos to enjoy it, there’s no better feeling than getting back into your car and having some warm coffee waiting to warm you up in no time! You could also bring matching camp mugs to your session (like these on Etsy from Modish Outdoors) and a blanket (Pendleton’s Yakima camp throws are my favorite) and get cute photos of you two snuggled up with a warm drink!

On the hunt for a Rocky Mountain national park engagement photographer?

Hey, hi, hello! I’d love to help. I’m a photographer based in Colorado Springs, Colorado who spends nearly all my free time adventuring throughout the state of Colorado and I would be thrilled to capture the two of you and your connection. My engagement and couples session information can be found on the experience page and you can also reach out for more information to be sent via email (and to schedule your session of course)!