Paint Mines Adventure Elopement in Colorado Springs

Paint Mines Adventure Elopement in Colorado Springs

Important note before reading: If you are a couple interested in having your photos done at Paint Mines Interpretive Park or a photographer looking to work there, be sure to apply for their permit online so that we can continue preserving the park for people to enjoy for years to come! During your session here please be mindful of the signs and do not climb on top of the formations.

One of the best parts of eloping is that your wedding day can be an adventure. There is no one Sean would rather adventure with than Kenzie. Beautiful early morning photos and ceremony in Garden of the Gods was an epic way to start Kenzie and Sean’s adventure. After celebrating with their family over lunch, we met up at Paint Mines Interpretive Park for some sunset photos. Kenzie had changed into a cute white fitted dress and sparkly tennis shoes while Sean opted to not wear his jacket giving them a relaxed but still bridal vibe. These two are seriously the cutest!

Trapesing through a kaleidoscope of rocks colored red, white, orange, and yellow, we weaved our way down the path and into the park. The Paint Mine formations got their name from the Native Americans that collected the colorful clay to make different colored paint. The oxidized iron in the clay gives the formations their brightly colored bands. Depending on the time of day and weather the formation’s colors can show up differently when photographed, sometimes more muted and others brighter. Spires and hoodoos lend themselves as a serene backdrop for your Paint Mine wedding photos. Erosion has changed the landscape into a tranquil place to wander through. The Paint Mines is one of the most unique places in Colorado Springs for elopement photos, it is like stepping into another world.

The hike around the Paint Mines Interpretive is one of my favorite places to take couples. As a Colorado Springs Elopement Photographer, the different formations and colors inspire me to be creative. The Paint Mines Interpretive Trail Loop is about 2 miles long and is on the easy side but the views definitely do not disappoint. Leave No Trace principles are a must to keep these beautiful places as natural as possible, so please pay attention to all signage and designated trails. Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in this park, but if you’re looking to have them come along there are plenty of other amazing locations in Colorado Springs!

Thinking of planning your adventure elopement at Paint Mines Interpretive Park? Then I’m your girl! I love helping couples plan their epic adventure elopements, please feel free to reach out through my contact page. Want to learn more about planning an elopement in Colorado check out my Ultimate Guide to Eloping in Colorado!