Sunrise Hiking Elopement in Idaho Springs, Colorado

Sunrise Hiking Elopement in Idaho Springs

When talking to Harrisen and Marissa about their elopement day, they expressed that being in the mountains and hiking are some of the only times they feel their minds are calm and at ease, so incorporating an adventure into their day was a must. In my book, there is nothing like being in the mountains— the fresh air, the peace, and quietness with just the sounds of nature to keep you company. Getting away from the hustle and bustle helps to reconnect with your adventurous soul and feel at ease. The only thing better is watching the sunrise and witnessing the world transition from sleepy stillness to stirring awake.

Planning Their Colorado Adventure Elopement

When we were in the planning phase, they wanted their elopement day to focus on them, so a hiking elopement in the mountains at sunrise with their dog Fred really checked all of the boxes. I don’t often get to meet my couples before their elopement day. With Marissa and Harrisen being Colorado natives, I had the pleasure to meet them and, even more exciting, to photograph their engagement session in the National Forest near Colorado Springs. I loved their laid-back nature, and how they kept true to themselves, their elopement followed suit. When we were discussing location, Marissa’s first thought was a hike she had done with her sister near Idaho Springs. She knew that the views from at the top were precisely what she was looking for on their day!

Their Elopement Day

Our time together started at 5 am, far before the sun came up. I met Harrisen, Marissa, their fur baby Fred, Marissa’s sister, and her dog at the Airbnb, and the six of us ventured to the trailhead together. Their first look took place in the pitch black of night in the headlights of our cars. All of us then started up the mountain under a blanket of stars, navigating the rocky trail with only the light of our headlamps illuminating the path. We made it to the top of the peak just before sunrise, where we took a moment to take in the view and make coffee on a jetboil while the dogs played in the field. The dawn brought a captivating pink alpenglow lit up the mountains and reflected off the lake. Once the warm morning sun made its way over the peaks and made for perfect golden light photos.

While heading back down the mountain to meet Harrisen and Marissa’s family, we saw a moose in the distance – wildlife is a sure sign of good luck on your elopement day, in my book! After meeting up with their family at the trailhead, everyone shared a shot of tequila to celebrate before the ceremony started. Surrounded by nature, their closest family and friends, and their pup Fred, Marissa and Harrisen said I do! A hiking elopement followed by time with family was so fitting for their adventurous relationship and I was so stoked for how their vision for their day come to life.

Are you looking to plan a Colorado hiking elopement in breathtaking locations like Idaho Springs? I would love to chat with you! Please feel free to reach out through my contact page. I can’t wait to help you find those hidden gem locations you have been dreaming of!