Leah and Darin’s Dreamy Diamond Beach Elopement in Iceland

Dreamy Diamond Beach Elopement in Iceland

For Leah and Darin’s elopement in Iceland, there wasn’t much avoiding the rain! And I guess they say life’s not about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about dancing in the rain, right? So, dance they did!

Leah and Darin have adventurous hearts and souls seeking the wilderness—so we planned an adventurous elopement in Iceland to match! Even though it was drizzly out all day—peppered with intermittent downpours—their smiles never left their faces. And the photos couldn’t be more sensational!

Leah and Darin began the day by getting ready in their Airbnb. Leah wore a v-neck, floaty dress from Willow by Watters, complimented by simple earrings from Olive and Piper. She completed the look with a pink, maroon, and white bouquet from Pastel Bloma Studio and was ready for the day! Darin waited for her in a tan suit and maroon bow tie from Hockerty, and his eyes lit up the moment he saw her. They couldn’t wait to begin their elopement day together, so as soon as they were ready, we set out!

Buuuut then our stomachs started to rumble! We drove east on the iconic Ring Road toward Jökulsárlón, a glacial lake filled with icebergs, and stopped for the most delicious fish and chips at the Nailed It Fish & Chips food truck. It’s their favorite fish and chips spot in Iceland; after tasting it, I can definitely see why! I’ll be back, Nailed It!

When we arrived at the lake, it was cold and drizzling, but that didn’t deter them from enjoying the lakeshore. As they walked along the black sands and rocks, I was in awe of the contrasting colors nature presented to us. The brilliant blue of the lake and the bright white of the ice contrasted with the dark sand of the lakeshore and the bright pop of pink in Leah’s bouquet. I couldn’t believe we’d been in the lush rolling hills just a few hours ago and were suddenly surrounded by towering ice. But that’s an Iceland elopement for ya! All the colors came together for a truly storybook moment!

After the lake, we headed to Diamond Beach, named so because it is covered in chunks of ice that have floated down from other parts of the island and clustered in one place. The small chunks of ice scattered along the shore make the black sands of the beach look like they’re covered in diamonds! Here at Diamond Beach, Leah and Darin said, “I do,” with only the seals as their guests. Surrounded by glittering “diamonds,” the moment was entirely perfect—I couldn’t have imagined a better spot for them to tie the knot!

Just as this beautiful moment wrapped up, the skies opened up, and rain poured down on us. We raced back to the car, drenched but laughing. There’s no way to predict the insane weather of this place, even with the best tools at your fingertips! But we’d done what we came to do; Leah and Darin were married!

We brought the day to a close at another spot off ring road—a viewpoint with the Vatnajökull glacier behind them. Here, surrounded by dramatic scenery, Leah and Darin read their vows, a final wedding day essential. Even though it was still raining, the two didn’t mind at all. They were just so happy to be getting married in the most beautiful place on earth!

Dreaming of an Elopement in Iceland?

If you’re dreaming of an elopement as adventurous and one-of-a-kind as Leah and Darin’s, let’s get in touch! I can craft plans A through Z, so just like this elopement, you can know you have tons of options ready for you in case the weather deters your plans. Just reach out at my contact page, check out my Iceland elopement packages, and let’s get this party started!

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