Winter Elopement in Rocky Mountain National Park

Winter Elopement in Rocky Mountain National Park

Wow, what an incredible day this elopement was! Being the photographer for Nichole and Lee’s winter elopement in Rocky Mountain National Park was honestly one of the coolest things I’ve ever done – and not just because of the cold February temperatures. These two amazing people are not just clients, they’re some of my best friends, and getting to capture their special day was an absolute honor to say the least.

Nichole and Lee decided that Colorado was the perfect setting for their winter wedding and who could blame them?! The backdrop of Rocky Mountain National Park in late February was nothing short of a magical winter wonderland.

Their day kicked off at their cozy Airbnb in Estes Park. To start the day, the two of them sat at the kitchen table together to write their vows down in their vow books and after that, it was time to start getting ready! But this wasn’t my typical wedding prep scene – I got to help Nichole with her hair, which was such a personal and heartwarming touch that meant so much to me.

Nichole wore a stunning white strapless dress with dramatic, flowing sleeves that she got from Blue Sage Bridal. But to bring in the comfort for the chilly temps – she went all-in by adding leggings, warm wool socks, and hiking boots into the mix. Combining beauty and comfort is key when getting married during the winter and it makes such a big difference!

Lee on the other hand wore a gray suit from Men’s Warehouse made complete with a blue vest and blue patterned tie! Blue is always a favorite color of mine, but I find it looks even better when combined with the cool tones of winter and snow. He also wore one New York Jets and one Virginia Tech sock under his dress shoes which was the perfect personal touch.

After they got ready, they had the sweetest first-look moment on the front porch, and you could feel the excitement in the air to see each other and to begin their elopement adventure. To begin, they had a private vow exchange in a gorgeous park in Estes Park, basking in the warmth of the winter sun. Tears of joy were flowing, and I naturally couldn’t help but get emotional too.

Next, we ventured into Rocky Mountain National Park, which, by the way, was quite a chilly experience! If you’ve never been to Colorado for a winter elopement, let me tell you, the temperature can really drop, especially at a place like Bear Lake. But Nichole and Lee were total troopers. They braved the cold to walk across the frozen, snow-covered lake, just like they did on a trip here back in December 2020. The background including snow blowing off the peaks in the wind made for some epic photos.

Finally, we found some warmth and soaked in the beauty of Sprague Lake. The sun was a welcome addition, not just for the heat but also for the stunning light it provided for their photos. And the dock there was just *chefs kiss*.

Capturing this adventure with Nichole and Lee was an absolute dream come true. Their day filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments will forever be a special memory in my career as an elopement photographer!