Yosemite National Park Elopement Photography Packages

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Bringing an easygoing, intentional, and fun experience to your adventurous Yosemite National Park elopement.

before we begin, let’s do a quick check-in.

where are you in your journey of eloping in Yosemite National Park?

oh, we are 100% for sure that we want to elope!

Well, heck to the freaking yes! I’m so stoked that you’re ready to take this leap and plan the Yosemite elopement of your dreams! You’ve picked the perfect state for an adventure elopement, and I can’t wait to help you plan it. Oh, didn’t I mention? I don’t just offer clicks of the camera. From the moment I join your wedding vendor crew, I help you plan this shindig! Here are three ways I bring something special to the role of Yosemite elopement photographer:

    Wonder how I catch these super intimate, raw, breathtaking moments? It all starts from day one. It all begins with a relationship. I believe the best elopement photos flow from a place of genuine friendship with the person behind the camera. Because of this, I’ve decided to limit the number of couples I work with each year to ensure I can give each one to the best of my ability while getting to know them as people. I can’t wait to get to know (and document!) your story next!
    Notice how Barnes & Noble doesn’t exactly have a shelf full of elopement planning binders the way they do for traditional weddings? Of course, you’ve noticed! And it probably stressed you right the heck out! But don’t worry, I help my couples through every stage of the planning process: finding a location, obtaining a permit, making a packing list, booking lodgings, and much more! And I come prepared with backup plans on backup plans just in case any speed bumps arise.
    I believe the most beautiful thing you can wear is your genuine personality. I work my absolute hardest to create a safe space for you to exist and connect exactly as you are. Forget that Pinterest-perfect nonsense or everyone else’s expectations. Here, we celebrate what’s real. And I can’t wait to do that with you!

So, what do you say? Starting to think we might be a perfect fit? Ah! I hope so! I’d love to hear from you ASAP, so we can start planning your elopement experience in Yosemite!

we think we might maybe kinda wanna elope

You’re still on the fence about booking the elopement experience in Yosemite of your dreams. And I totally understand. Doing something new and different always feels a little bit scary at first! But there are three things I want to share with you as you make this decision together:

    Wedding planning can get really overwhelming really fast. Especially when family, friends, and great aunts you’ve only kinda met once start sharing their opinions. But this is YOUR day. And even though you may be tempted to do something you’re not totally into to keep the fam happy, I want to remind you to follow your heart. This is all about YOUR love story, after all! Give yourself the space to step outside expectations and “but it’s always been done this way”s to discover what you truly want from the day you say “I do.”
    There are tons of wedding planning resources for couples who want a traditional wedding day. And for couples who want to elope? …not so much. But don’t panic. There are plenty of experienced professionals (like me!) who can walk you through the process of planning a modern elopement. All you have to do is imagine the possibilities. Speaking of which…
    Elopements are all about tossing out trends and trying new things, so get ready to get creative! You don’t have to follow strict timelines, invite your entire extended family tree, or blow your mortgage down payment on a celebration that doesn’t feel true to you. Together, we can plan a elopement in Yosemite that feels sincere, serene, and spontaneous. Something truly one-of-a-kind!

But no pressure! Feel free to browse what I offer and inquire for more information if you’re still not convinced!

Your Yosemite elopement

The adventure of a lifetime

Toss the elopement planning books (if you could even find them) and forget your preconceived notions! together, let’s plan your one-of-a-kind experience as you elope in Yosemite National Park!

Do you wish your wedding celebration could focus solely on your love? Are you ready to climb a mountain to say your vows? Can you imagine changing from your hiking boots into your wedding shoes before you walk down an aisle marked by wildflowers? Then, you’ve come to the right place!

Through creative collaboration and genuine relationships, we’ll work as a team to craft your dream California elopement.

And then I’ll preserve it all from behind my camera so you can relive every moment for decades to come!

“Jessica’s incredible and honestly willing to do whatever it takes to make things absolutely magical no matter the circumstances. A true spontaneous adventurer! She will quickly capture your hearts and we are forever thankful of her as a person and as a professional. If you are looking to elope, look no further!”
Deanna and Rob

“We got the opportunity to work with Jessica for our engagement photos in 2019 and were completely obsessed with our photos… so when we decided on a small wedding out in Colorado we knew we had to have Jessica photograph our wedding. She is fun, professional, and makes the whole experience comfortable and easy.”
Jesse and Brittney

“Working with Jessica has been an absolute dream… Our day ended up being everything we could’ve wanted and the pictures came out amazing. We have so much love for Jessica and will forever be grateful for the memories she captured for us on our special day.”
Nina and Tyler

Planing Your Elopement in Yosemite

step 1: booking

Just like my journey toward full-time photography, this adventure requires you to take a leap. But don’t worry, this one is a bit less intimidating than a jump out of a plane! To get this party started, all you have to do is say hello. Fill out my inquiry form sharing a bit about yourselves and the celebration you have planned. Then I’ll be in touch within 48 hours with more information and next steps. Together, let’s craft the ideal collection to suit your vision!

step 2: planning

From helping you find the perfect location to hunting down rockstar vendors, I’m here to assist you in any way I can. Once you’ve booked, I’m ready to join your wedding planning team fully! I know the process of planning an elopement can be just as overwhelming as it is exciting, so I want to step in to whisk away as many of the parts that have you wigging out as I can. That way, you can just enjoy this exciting time in your life as anticipation builds for the big day!

step 3: celebrating

After months of prep and planning, you’ll sweep effortlessly through every moment of your elopement day. We’ll ensure your timeline is organized to perfection and every transition goes off without a hitch. And if a speed bump should pop up? Don’t worry! I’ll be there every step of the way with emergency kits and backup plans so you can simply enter fully into every beautiful moment of the day you say, “I do.” Shoot, I’m even ordained, so if your officiant can’t make it, I’ll be there to make everything official! And most importantly, I’ll be there to document it all so you can relive it for decades to come.

step 4: Reliving

Just 24 hours later, before your elopement trip is even over, you’ll receive a sneak peek gallery to enjoy! Enjoy some of the highlights from your big day while you’re still in the location that totally blew your mind. Then, just eight weeks after that, your full gallery will arrive in your email inbox! So, pop a bottle of champagne, snuggle up with your honey, and laugh-cry your way through every special moment of your dream day. But the adventure doesn’t end here! Nothing beats working with clients to create their first-ever family heirloom. Together, let’s turn your favorite images into an album to pass around on anniversaries and holidays for the rest of your lives.


Yosemite National Park Elopement Packages

I offer a diverse collection of elopement photography collections to suit any vision! For elopements throughout Yosemite National Park options include:

  • Packages ranging from 4-hours to multi-day elopement experiences
  • Elopement location scouting
  • Guidance through the permit process (if necessary)
  • Local vendor recommendations
  • Client-exclusive elopement planning guide PDF
  • A secure, digital gallery of your images
  • Image print release
  • Planning assistance for anything and everything you need

Yosemite Elopement Experience
Photo and Video Packages
start at $6,625
Photo-Only Packages start at $5,125

Niky and Vlad surrounded by pink fireweed on their elopement day in the Beartooth Mountains.

Elopement Video Packages

I don’t just offer still image galleries from your adventure elopement! I can also document the movement and sounds photos can’t quite capture, like the way your hair catches in the breeze or the sound of your new spouse reciting their vows. And the best part is that I can preserve these moments myself without adding any additional vendors to your intimate celebration.

Watch past couples’ highlight films on my YouTube channel

Hand-Designed Albums

Don’t let your photos just sit lost and lonely on your computer! After the adventure of a lifetime, let’s make sure your love story can be told and retold for decades to come through a beautiful custom album. I’ll even help you design your very first family heirloom!

Learn more about the album experience

Ready to take the leap with me and say “hell freaking yes” to the elopement of your dreams?

I’m stoked to hear it! To begin the adventure, just tell me a little about yourselves and the celebration you’re cooking up. Then, I’ll be in touch in 48 hours or less to book your discovery call! If we are the perfect fit to tell your love story, I’ll send an agreement and retainer invoice your way to reserve your date. Once I receive both from you, your date officially goes on my calendar and the fun really begins!

Inspiration and Resources for Eloping in Yosemite National Park

Inspiration: Adventurous Elopement in Yosemite National Park

Gabby and Brandon’s wedding in Yosemite National Park showcases just how amazing a full-day experience can be, especially when you want to include loved ones in your wedding day! When helping the two of them brainstorm ideas for their special day, I knew that it would be crucial for us to plan accordingly to avoid the stress of crowds. We landed on a sunrise ceremony so that we wouldn’t encounter long lines at the gates and so that there wouldn’t be additional “witnesses” to their day. This also allowed us to plan an evening adventure after they spent the middle of the day celebrating with friends and family!

What are full-day elopements all about?

So you’re eloping. And you want to have a freaking blast. But you also want the breathtaking, hair-blowing-on-the-mountainside photos that elopements are known for. I’m going to let you in on a secret: the best way to get the show-stopping elopement photos you’re seeking along with the perfect adventurous elopement vibes is to have a full-day (or heck, even a multi-day) elopement! Yes, it’s more fun than you’ve ever imagined, and no, I’m not just chasing you with a camera for 12 hours straight.

Do you only photograph elopements in Yosemite?

I’m actually based in the beautiful state of Colorado! I travel around the United States to capture elopements. So, no matter where you’re planning to say “I do,” as long as you have a joyful heart and adventurous spirit, I’d love to come tell your love story! Take a peep at my travel schedule and my bucket-list locations to see if your elopement location is on my list. And if it isn’t? Don’t worry! I’d love to go somewhere new!

So whaddya say? Ready to make it official?

Whether you’re already feeling like the “take my money” meme guy or you just want to learn a bit more information, I’d love to hear from you! Share a bit with me about yourselves and your ideal elopement, and I’ll be in touch in 48 hours or less to continue the conversation. Talk soon!