How to Prepare for Your Rainy Elopement Day

Preparing for Your Rainy Elopement Day

A common question I get from the couples I work with usually goes something like “what if it rains on our elopement day?” I totally get it! That was one of the first things that I started thinking of when planning my own intimate wedding day. I want this blog post to leave you feeling empowered no matter what weather is in the forecast for your day (and maybe even a little excited for those moody rain photos)!

5 Benefits to it Raining on Your Elopement Day

I want to start out with sharing the optimism and silver lining here. I’m not pulling your leg or just trying to make you feel better, I genuinely love photographing rainy elopements and think that there are absolutely some benefits to having rain on your elopement day!

1. You Can Live Out That One Scene in The Notebook

Ya know… maybe without all of the dramatic arguing beforehand but you get the picture! This is probably my favorite tip of all, you’ll have so much fun if you decide to let go of feeling any disappointment or discouragement about the weather and embrace the chaos and messy. Everything about your elopement day, from the breakfast bagel you eat to the weather, compiles together to form the memory of the day that was uniquely yours.

2. Cozy Photos Together at Your Airbnb

If we’re looking at torrential downpour, crazy winds, or any conditions combined that would just make you miserable on your day – you can always spend a portion of the day embracing plan B and spending part of your day cozy indoors. Think of how you’d spend your ideal rainy day with your partner and we’d just incorporate that into your elopement. This could look like being snuggled up by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate, sitting together on a screened-in porch playing board games, reading books together, playing with your dog, crushing one another in Mario Kart, or making meals and baking with one another!

3. Moody Weather = Vibrant Colors and Interesting Images

Overcast skies and rainy conditions actually make for super interesting settings for your photos! I find that it makes the colors of the landscape (like greens and fall leaves) appear all the more vibrant. And as the saying goes, “no rain, no rainbows.” Kelsey and Weston, for example, had nonstop rainy conditions for their elopement day but just as we were making our last stop in Glacier National Park there was a break in the rain and we got to run full-speed to get beautiful photos of the two of them with a rainbow that peaked out.

4. Reduced crowds and more intimacy

Take Taylor and Dylan’s early summer elopement day for example. They had this typically overcrowded trail completely to themselves due to the rainy morning and ongoing drizzle. In a national park, truly escaping the crowds to this level is a rarity and I was so thankful that they were able to spend time after their ceremony hand-in-hand walking along a trail surrounded by towering cedar trees.

5. Umbrellas are a fun accessory

Rain doesn’t have to stop the fun! I keep a set of clear umbrellas on hand with me so that getting soaked in the rain doesn’t stop us from being able to take breathtaking photos. But it could also be fun to get a colorful umbrella to really bring a pop to your photos. When figuring out what pieces can inspire this color scheme – consider any accents in the patterns of accessories like a tie and colors that would complement your hiking backpacks, attire, and bouquet if you have it!

Prepare with these Must-Pack Items

As you’re making your list of what to pack for your elopement day, I highly encourage bringing along (or preparing to pick up) the following items to help make you as comfortable as possible the day of.

A Warm Rain Jacket

REI has an amazing selection of rain jackets (in some pretty great colors) that will keep you warm and are less than $100. Not only will this help you if there is inclement weather on your day, but it’ll allow you to adventure no matter what the conditions are throughout your elopement trip!

Lots of outdoor stores will also have jackets that fold up nice and small into a pouch, which makes tossing it into your backpack or suitcase “just in case” effortless.

Waterproof Boots

Now, you don’t have to go out and buy a new pair of rain boots just in case – I’m all about not unnecessarily over-packing or overspending when it comes to your elopement day and trip! If you’ll be spending time on your trip hiking in general, I’d highly recommend looking into waterproof or water-resistant hiking boots. There’s nothing more uncomfortable (or cold) than walking around in wet shoes and this is definitely a worthwhile investment for future adventures too!

If you’re planning on a day where you won’t be doing much exploring on uneven terrain, you can also look into getting an inexpensive pair of rain boots from somewhere like Target, Amazon, or Walmart. I’m obsessed with these boots from Amazon and often wear them to run errands or just to slip on walking to the mailbox – they’re so cozy!

Leggings and Warm Socks

Layers are your friend! My favorite type of socks to wear are Merino wool socks (typically you can find some at Costco if you don’t have an REI) and they help so much with keeping my feet warm and wicking any excess moisture too! I also highly recommend either wearing or bringing along under layers, like leggings, that you can slip on (or slip off) based on the weather and how you’re feeling. You can typically find nude leggings if you’re worried about them showing through your attire.

Hand Warmers are your new BFF

As an elopement photographer who has helped countless couples have their day captured in a variety of conditions from rain and snow to smoke and low air quality, I always like to come prepared with hand warmers (yes, even in the middle of the summer)! This isn’t something you necessarily need to worry about but, if you know that you have a tendency to get cold easily – I recommend purchasing some warmers to put in your boots.

They also make these really fancy rechargeable hand warmers that you can get for around $20 from REI or other outdoor retailers. Could be a good excuse to treat yourself if you live somewhere that these would come in handy during the winter!

I hope these tips leave you feeling empowered on your elopement day to embrace the elements and not feel overwhelmed by the prospect of inclement weather. If you’re looking for an elopement photographer that will be there to guide you through anything and everything that may come up on your elopement day, please check out my experience page or fill out the form on my contact page and I will gladly send you more information on working together!