Moody and Magical Grand Teton National Park Wedding

Moody and Magical Grand Teton National Park Wedding

When you’re thinking of your ideal Grand Teton National Park wedding day, you’re probably dreaming of rugged peaks, breathtaking lakes, or wide open fields (or maybe even all of the above)! Michelle and Dan’s wedding had all of those iconic Grand Teton elements plus that gorgeous moody fall weather that makes every photographer’s heart skip a beat.

As we began planning their Grand Teton National Park wedding, their main goal was to have a relaxing day but each of them had other reasons they really felt drawn to having a destination intimate wedding in the park. Dan wasn’t fond of the idea of being the center of attention and Michelle had her heart set on the dress and photos of her dreams being priority!

Their Wedding Video

Their Grand Teton National Park Wedding Story

Michelle and Dan rented a house just over Teton Pass in Idaho at Teton Springs Resort to be the basecamp for their wedding trip. They got a couples massage at The Stillwaters Spa the day before their wedding and I simply can’t recommend that to couples enough to release some of the stress your body is holding onto leading into your big day!

When I arrived at their airbnb, Michelle was in the kitchen getting her hair and makeup done by the team with Tanya Crocker and Dan was putting the finishing touches on his vows in the bedroom. Great music was flowing through the speakers and there was such positive energy from their family as they floated around supporting Dan and Michelle as they prepared for the day. After both were ready, Dan in his rose-colored tie and gray suit and Michelle in her all-lace dress with stunning delicate sleeves, the two did a double-blind first look in the back yard.

Since their guest count was less than 12, the couple was able to have their ceremony at a beautiful trailhead in Grand Teton National Park. Their ceremony was conducted by both Dan and Michelle’s fathers and included a mix of Jewish wedding ceremony traditions and their own personal sentiments and touches.

Two of the Jewish wedding ceremony traditions they incorporated into their ceremony were a chuppah and the breaking of the glass. They did this in a way that abided by both park and Leave No Trace guidelines by having the chuppah be hand-held and putting the glass in canvas bags. During their wedding video, you’ll see Michelle’s niece peeping at me over her dad’s shoulder – she always found the camera and was so photogenic and cute!

Following their ceremony and family photos, just as the drizzle began, the three of us adventured to Jenny Lake with hand warmers and a clear umbrella in tow. When preparing for your rainy wedding day, it can feel disheartening to see the forecast isn’t what you hoped for – I completely get it! But as you can see in their photos, with a little preparation and positive spirit things will turn out simply beautifully if you embrace what nature gives you!

Before we headed back, we took a classic photo of the two of them in front of the Grand Teton National Park sign – it’s cheesy but I love cheesy and always encourage it!

When we reunited with family back at their rental, everyone changed into cozy clothes and the Grand Teton shirts that Michelle and Dan had gifted them and enjoyed a fantastic dinner prepared by Michelle’s Dad. They rounded out the evening with a grocery store cake, yep, you heard that right – there are no rules about where to get your cake for your day as long as it’s yummy!

Want to Get Married in Grand Teton National Park?

Thinking of planning your very own Grand Teton National Park wedding but need help figuring out where to start? Check out my Ultimate Guide to Eloping in Grand Teton National Park. If you can’t stop daydreaming about a national park wedding and are ready to get the ball rolling, I would love to be the photographer and right-hand woman to help you craft your experience. Please reach out via my contact page or check out my experience page for more information on working together!

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